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Wednesday, 05 September 2007

The old site can be found here http://www.parentsrights.com/index.htm 

Welcome to www.parentsrights.com, and the Coalition for the Restoration of Parental Rights. CRPR is the leading advocacy group for the parents rights movement against grandparent and third party visitation. This is not a legal website and is not to be used in place of legal advice from an attorney. What we hope to accomplish is the educating of how third party visitation harms familes and to offer legal materials that can be used in fighting such lawsuits. We also offer advice, help, support and information based on the personal combined experience of our many members and volunteers.

CRPR is a grassroots organization which began in 1996, founded by Billy Sightes, a pioneer and founding father in the parents rights movement against grandparent visitation laws. Mr. Sightes, an Indiana grandfather and retired school teacher, watched as his own son and daughter-in-law were sued for grandparent visitation. Mr. Sightes' son adopted his wife's child and they were sued by the mother of the biological father under Indiana's gpv statue. Wanting to return traditional parenting rights and family privacy to all fit parents, Bill Sightes began gathering with other parents, grandparents, and interested parties wanting to fight for the same cause.

Grandparent visitation got its beginning over a century ago with the filing of the first documented grandparent visitation lawsuit in Louisiana in 1894, In re Succession of Reiss. The first official grandparent visitation statute was enacted in 1966 in New York. However, these laws did not begin gaining momentum until the early 1980's when activist groups such as the AARP started backing and lobbying for them. In the mid 1990's fit parents, finding themselves under such litigation and threats, began banding together to form their own activist groups. One such group is the Coalition for the Restoration of Parental Rights.

CRPR is now a thriving diverse group of fit grandparents, and married, widowed, divorced, and single fit parents, attorneys and interested parties who support the restoration of traditional parental rights. CRPR has state sub chapters in most states and has been responsible for filing amicus curiae briefs with the United States Supreme Court in Troxel v Granville and with many state apeallate and Supreme Court cases.

Video Footage of why you never leave a grandparent alone with your child and a soccer ball.

Joan Bohl on Grandparents Rights on the Today Show.


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