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Written by PSS   
Tuesday, 08 April 2008
I have sole custody of my children.  I unwisely allowed my ex-mother in law to see my children while her son was is prison for molesting my oldest daughter.  I was recently contacted that my ex husband is being released early.  Since he will be living with her I have told her she will not be able to have the kids anymore. She has threatened to take me to court for grandparents rights.  I know she will leave them alone with him even though we have a protection order against him.  She still tells my children it is their sisters fault the molestation occurred because she was flirting with him, even though this began when she was 9 years old!  She is very good at telling the court what they want to hear and knows how to play the system.  Our divorce and grandjury case was a complete nightmare due to his harrassment and her gossip spreading.  She recently came into quite a bit of money and has said she will spend whatever is necessary to win.   The kids are terrified of their father and of going back to her house if he's there.  Her visits with them are not very frequent and she has gone as long as two or three years without seeing them unless she wants something of them ie. shoveling snow, yard work and the like.  I stupidly felt sorry for her because her husband passed away and she is on her own, the kids felt the same.  Anyone have any advice for steps to take, or things to do  in case it goes to court?   We live in Ohio. 
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