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Co. kidnapped my children PDF Print E-mail
Written by rebecca holtorf   
Saturday, 14 February 2009

Hi, My name is Rebecca Holtorf and I live in Ocean Springs MS. I was divorced from my x husband Nov 2005. In the divorce I gave him possession of the house, all bank accounts, rights to our business (he was an owner/operator driver) in exchange for custody of our two minor children ages 10 and 7. After our divorce i moved in with my boyfriend (now husband and now both saved) and my x moved in with his pregnant girlfriend. On July 1, 2007 my x husband served me with custody papers. He picked the children up from the YMCA while I was at work, (without telling me) and kept them until the date of court on July 21. During the preceedings, Judge Alphonsus of Harrison, Co. heard the testomony of my 12 yr old son that told her half truths and down right lies about how he and his sister were treated, after approximatly 10 mins, my lawyer came out of the court room and the judge immediatly removed all of my rights to have contact of any kind with my children. I was never heard, my witnessess were never called, no evidence was ever presented from my side of this case. I changed lawyers and after about a year now, my lawyer still claims she can't get a court date. I have no money to pursue this. By the way, we have full custody of my husbands two children ages (now) 12 and 9. DHS was called to remove his two children (by the judge) and the DHS worker found no causes to remove the children. We were told to take parenting classes and we did. Someone from Jaskson Co. (where we live) was called to investigate and she told us that she seen a very stable home environment and two healthy children and that there were no problems with our home. Still after all this, a judge will not listen to our side of the story. The Harrison Co. mental health dept is claiming they are not at the point that I can be with the children and I'm told repeatedly that my two children no longer want me in their lives. I need help.. I have not had my children since July 10th 2007, I have not been able to see them, tell them I love them, hold them. I can't even send them a birthday card or call them on the phone. NOTHING! If you want a story of how children are being brainwashed, the government is taking control, and how parents are loosing their rights, I am your case project. What Judge Alphonsus and my x husband, David Liess has done is nothing short of kidnapping. If there is anything you can do, please please help me. I have the prayers and support of my church but there is just no money for a proper attorney that will fight for my rights.
With Love in Christ, Rebecca Holtorf
228-547-3739 Ocean Springs, MS 39564

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