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(Tuesday, 02 February 2010) Written by Doug Dempsey

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my two daughters
(Wednesday, 01 April 2009) Written by Kelly
My daughters are angels.  If someone can help me please call 916-453-8384.  I need them back.  Thank you for your time. Kelly

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Co. kidnapped my children
(Saturday, 14 February 2009) Written by rebecca holtorf
Hi, My name is Rebecca Holtorf and I live in Ocean Springs MS. I was divorced from my x husband Nov 2005. In the divorce I gave him possession of the house, all bank accounts, rights to our business (he was an owner/operator driver) in exchange for custody of our two minor children ages 10 and 7. After our divorce i moved in with my boyfriend (now husband and now both saved) and my x moved in with his pregnant girlfriend. On July 1, 2007 my x husband served me with custody papers. He picked the children up from the YMCA while I was at work, (without telling me) and kept them until the date of court on July 21. During the preceedings, Judge Alphonsus of Harrison, Co. heard the testomony of my 12 yr old son that told her half truths and down right lies about how he and his sister were treated, after approximatly 10 mins, my lawyer came out of the court room and the judge immediatly removed all of my rights to have contact of any kind with my children. I was never heard, my witnessess were never called, no evidence was ever presented from my side of this case. I changed lawyers and after about a year now, my lawyer still claims she can't get a court date. I have no money to pursue this. By the way, we have full custody of my husbands two children ages (now) 12 and 9. DHS was called to remove his two children (by the judge) and the DHS worker found no causes to remove the children. We were told to take parenting classes and we did. Someone from Jaskson Co. (where we live) was called to investigate and she told us that she seen a very stable home environment and two healthy children and that there were no problems with our home. Still after all this, a judge will not listen to our side of the story. The Harrison Co. mental health dept is claiming they are not at the point that I can be with the children and I'm told repeatedly that my two children no longer want me in their lives. I need help.. I have not had my children since July 10th 2007, I have not been able to see them, tell them I love them, hold them. I can't even send them a birthday card or call them on the phone. NOTHING! If you want a story of how children are being brainwashed, the government is taking control, and how parents are loosing their rights, I am your case project. What Judge Alphonsus and my x husband, David Liess has done is nothing short of kidnapping. If there is anything you can do, please please help me. I have the prayers and support of my church but there is just no money for a proper attorney that will fight for my rights. With Love in Christ, Rebecca Holtorf 228-547-3739 Ocean Springs, MS 39564

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need help custody issue
(Saturday, 31 January 2009) Written by cruz
i need some help on a custody issue, i have a son hes 7 months old and i just need to settle something. we arranged a monetory settlement of $200 monthly, she is threatening to take away visitation rights and take full custody, also adding child support.  can anyone help me on taking my first step or how to initiate this. i really dont have and idea on how to start and what will be the best start for me. any help will be greatly appreciated thanks

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Great News
(Friday, 23 January 2009) Written by TedandShawnee
Hey everyone,   After a really long 8 month fight with my parents i and my hubby finally got them back.  They are now reenrolled in school.  Our prayers and best wishes are there for those that are going through this rough time as well.       

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how can i keep a grandparent from interfering with my custody?
(Sunday, 18 January 2009) Written by alma
How can i keep a grandparent from interfering with custody of my child.  she is being lied to and told to lie to people?  what are my options?  

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Mom v Grandmother
(Thursday, 04 December 2008) Written by Renee Fairless
I am the mother of two children, ages 4 and 2.  My boyfriend (their father) died two years ago.  I was still seeing his family with my kids until a little over a year ago.  Their grandmother has seen them twice in over a year and filed for grandparent rights when I told her I didn't want anything to do with the rest of her family.  I didn't have a problem with the kids visiting her but after a very nasty phone call from her and her family verbally attacking one of my older daughters, I haven't talked to her since.  She has made no effort to see my children since last May and she filed for rights in October.  She is doing this for her son who would like nothing more than to take my kids as his own.  He never had any children.  The thought of him being around my children makes my skin crawl.  I have no problem with grandma seeing the kids but not the rest of the family.  They have sent me nasty letters and have told people that all of this is to get back at me.  I would like to find a support group that I can join or just get in contact with parents who have experienced this crazy law.  I can't believe that a grandparent has more rights than a parent.  I would like to know if I have any rights to decide who my kids can have relationships with beyond grandma.  I should say that she is 86, in poor health and is unable to take care of two young kids. Also, what is standard visitation?  She is asking for at least one visit per week.  I'm thinking this is a little excessive and a huge burden on me since I work full time, take care of the house myself and am responsible for these kids. Any feedback or infomation is appreciated.  I live in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. Thanks                       

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(Friday, 26 September 2008) Written by TedandShawnee
We are still fighting in court. Children are being held in Las Vegas Nevada with grandparents.. We Live in Idaho where the children resided with us. We are working on building a case here in Idaho based on 14 th ammendment rights whiuch basically says, the grand parents by filing custiodial rights in las vegas violates our constitutional rights to due process in the jurisdiction in which we reside. If we have to fight this in court in nevada it will be our expense to move witnesses back and forth to court there. If we succeed they need to refile here in Idaho, and our witnesses live here in idaho at going back and forth will be at their expense.

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info needed
(Tuesday, 19 August 2008) Written by rex
Hello, my name is Rex. Could someone direct me to a local chapter of coalition for the restoration of parental rights. I live in Indiana and I am being sued for grandparent visitation rights. Im going through a lot of hardship with this. I know many others around the country are going through this also. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Any other organizations in indiana that I might contact? Please help.

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mom vs. grandparents
(Monday, 18 August 2008) Written by Jennifer
About a year ago, I left my 2 oldest children in the care of my parents while I handled personal struggles. When I got back on my feet, they refused to return the kids. Probate court granted them guardianship of the oldest only (one for the other wasn't filed). I was never notified of this even going to court. I surely would have been notified if my parental rights were terminated. What are my parent rights vs. their guardianship?

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Grandparent rights
(Friday, 08 August 2008) Written by Patty
I have been involved with my grandson for all of his 8 years. Now his father (who has custody) won't let me see him. My daughter's rights were terminated. I am filing suit for rights to access. There are no abuse, neglect, or other issues. I just want to be involved in his life. How do you "prove" that without me in his life, is would be detrimental? How does one determine a level of "detrimental"? Or is it just up to the judge to determine that?

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(Friday, 08 August 2008) Written by TedandShawnee
HI my name is Shawnee.   My parents are sueing for custody of my kids based off of personal problems with my hubby and an adult decision that we made by joining a swingers web site for one month.  The children werent there.  we took some nude pics but with out our faces.  Some one had supposedly burn a cd off and gsve it to my parents. They in the process viewd this and they told me that what I had done was illegal and it isnt I have checked with law enforcement.  What we did was morally worng and we have gone to our church about it.  MY parents proceded to call me a hussy and a slut.   They made this whole thing about them.  Helth and Welfare ahs also said that what we did wasnt illegal.  my parents will not let me have my kids back.  Even when my kids are screaming and begging to come back home.  My parents have made wild accusations that have never happened and even health and welfare have been to my home for the last three years and have found nothing wrong and have closed any cases made against us.  So please any advice on how to take care of this.  thanks.     SHawnee and Ted  {mosimage}

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(Tuesday, 29 July 2008) Written by
I have an aunt that has lost contact with 3 children, which are her grandchildren, she helped raise while their father was working out of state on construction jobs. She has had them for most of their lives (oldest is 13), Well since he has come home and found somebody else they have forbid her any contact with the children. She doesn't have to have visitation but she would love to be able to speak to them on the phone some times. Any suggestions? She doesn't have much money as she lives on Social security... so, all help is deeply appreciated. We live in Mississippi.    

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Off Topic
(Saturday, 05 July 2008) Written by Amy
Ok.  I know that this isn't what this site is about.  But My husband's mother (the one who is threateing to take us to court over grandparent's rights) has lied to both me and him over the last 2 and a half years.  And there is some drama over his dad because my husband did not know his dad until about a year and a half ago or so.  His mom was never forthcoming with info about his dad and she told Cody that his father never wanted him and things like that all his life.  I am trying to find out how to get the court records and find out what really happened and what was really said.  Does anyone know  how to find that info?  I have all full names, all birthdays, I know what county it was in, but I do not know what city they lived in at the time or anything else.  Any advice anyone can give would be great!

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Can you guide me to the truth?
(Saturday, 10 May 2008) Written by kesha
hey can anyone give me the truth? or guide me in the right direction? I want to leave the state with my son...his father and i have never been married..I am currently in a bad living situstion and i want to go back to my home town...he is not physically abusive but maybe a little verbally..I know leaving with my son is not kidnapping because I am His Mother..so is it absolutely legal to do this or is it in some way illegal? --please help?

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(Monday, 14 April 2008) Written by Scott McMillan
This blog is to serve as an informative message to ALL PARENTS whom are being pulled into the vortex of the legal system regarding "so-called" grandparent rights. PLEASE consider the following very carefully as it may save you the heart ache that has befallen many before you....those too naive and kind to know their rights as parents.   1). NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS IN THE TRIAL SETTING OF LITIGATION,  KNOW YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS. Do not go blindly into trial and believe that this is an issue that will not come back to bite you fiercely. Despite the tone of the trial it is IMPERATIVE that you express that your constitutional rights are being violated and that you are challenging the U.S. Constitution  If you do not do this, it WILL be made very difficult for you once you reach the appeals process. This needs to be made an issue at the trial level if you want to solidify your stance as litigation advances. If you do not bring this matter to the attention of the court and have it appear as part of the court transcript (although your rights are being violated- 14 ammendment to the US constitution, you may not be able to effectively introduce this at the appeals level).   PLEASE consult your attorney regarding this matter and be certain  your rights are not stripped from you.   Presently we have concluded our appeal (about 1 week ago). We were informed that although we mentioned our constitutional rights at the trial level, we can only facially challenge the constitution as our attorney failed to do so correctly at the trial level. Now we must wait 3-12 months to receive an answer to our appeal. We were told that none of the 3 justices hearing our appeal were constitutional intellectuals. Needless to say, they appeared confused as to why our attorney felt that 78 days of "visitation" per year was CUSTODY.  There has been no legal clarification and/or distinction of this term. Grandparents granted "visitation" are (in effect ) given "carte blanche". They can take your child out of the state, country and/or to a strip club or a bar and you cannot stop it. If an accident, injury or some other matter occurs in respect yo your child, THEY ARE NOT LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE (NOR ARE THEY FINANCIALLY BOUND OR LIABLE). In the summer the "grandmother" in our case was awarded the following:   May 2008 May 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 , 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 (our son has school these days and we live 45 minutes away from the grandparent, he will have to get up at 05:00 just to get to school on time). June 2008 June 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 July 2008 July 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13   August 2008 August 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17    **This is just the summer...she was also awarded EVERY holiday including Mother's Day and Father's Day!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE help me understand why this is not custody??? The "grandmother" has a psych history and is abusive. She is attempting to dismantle our family (for her amusement).   Any advice?? We are ready to leave good jobs with excellent benefits, uproot our home, sell our house and move  as the system does not seem to care that our child is being poisoned by this sick individual (grandmother). Do the wants of one person (grandmother) trump the needs and rights of an entire family and their future?  

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(Friday, 11 April 2008) Written by donna
                    I need some advice and I'M NOT QUITE SURE WHERE TO TURN TO GET IT ..............MY child is in juvinile hall in san diego he's been there for 3 months................My dad died in canada and i had to go there i tried to get my son released to go with me since i was leaving country to no avail.The judge said she would hear me on the 23rd of Apr.,so I have to have my son's attrny. speak for me......................I'm trying to find out if i have any kind of rights as a parent that i can demand that my child be released to come to canada............He is on probation and owes resitution,as for paying for his crime he's done 3 mo.they said they want him to go to a group home(not for the crime,but because he's behind his grade level because he's in special ed)and the group home has extra help to help him catch up.He does'nt want to go there...............and I said it's not fair to punish him for being in spec.ed,they say it's not punishment it's an opportunity...............I have arranged in canada for him to go to spec.ed school and can prove that to the court...............Does anyone know if I can demand my child's release legally?  Or does anyone have any kind of input ,i would so much appreciate it..........................I'm new at this site or any kind of blogging for that matter so please forgive me if I've not done it right I am at my wits end and not sure what to do .....................I guess another piece of info.that might help knowing is I am candian and DO NOT have a passport to be able to turn around and go back to san diego,I have to do whatever from canada because basically the states won't let me back  PLEASE HELP  me figure out what to do ..............All my gratitude in advance,momspoor

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Any advice
(Tuesday, 08 April 2008) Written by PSS
I have sole custody of my children.  I unwisely allowed my ex-mother in law to see my children while her son was is prison for molesting my oldest daughter.  I was recently contacted that my ex husband is being released early.  Since he will be living with her I have told her she will not be able to have the kids anymore. She has threatened to take me to court for grandparents rights.  I know she will leave them alone with him even though we have a protection order against him.  She still tells my children it is their sisters fault the molestation occurred because she was flirting with him, even though this began when she was 9 years old!  She is very good at telling the court what they want to hear and knows how to play the system.  Our divorce and grandjury case was a complete nightmare due to his harrassment and her gossip spreading.  She recently came into quite a bit of money and has said she will spend whatever is necessary to win.   The kids are terrified of their father and of going back to her house if he's there.  Her visits with them are not very frequent and she has gone as long as two or three years without seeing them unless she wants something of them ie. shoveling snow, yard work and the like.  I stupidly felt sorry for her because her husband passed away and she is on her own, the kids felt the same.  Anyone have any advice for steps to take, or things to do  in case it goes to court?   We live in Ohio. 

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(Friday, 07 March 2008) Written by leia Schneider
Hi everyone, I am writing for help about grandparent visitation. I am a widow. My son is now 4 years old. I am a victim of a murder suicide attempt. My husband was unsuccessful with me but killed himself. This all took place in front of  my 2 1/2 yr son. My mother in law took me to court for grandparent visitation and she got 2hrs every 2wks supervised by my father in law. They are divorced. My mother in law did not have much of a relationship with my son before the incident. My father in law did and still does. My mother in law did some pretty nasty things to me since the incident like send me the balance to my husband's funeral bill. She has been coming to my house to see my son for six months now. She has recently petitioned again for more time and possibly unsupervised visits. I was very upset because she did not try to talk to me about any of her wishes and she sees me every two weeks. We ended up talking things over and I thought we came to some type of agreement. She came up with a proposal with her attorney and it is so detailed that it tells me I need to allow my son to talk to her on the phone twice a week before 7:30pm. I am of course very angry. I just feel like this women is never going to leave me alone and I would like some advice/help with what I can do to stop this. I feel like  I have no constitutional rights to my child!

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(Friday, 07 March 2008) Written by leia Schneider

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(Wednesday, 05 March 2008) Written by dorothy

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Senate Meet
(Friday, 22 February 2008) Written by Mic
Hello.  Sorry,  I have never blogged before so hopefully.  I am doing it rights.   I have a meeting schedule for Monday with the Pennsylvania Senate on Grandparents Rights.  I would like to change the laws to help parents.  I have been doing research and found cases to take with me along with newspaper articles.  I have another parent who is currently being sue.         I know this is short notice but can anyone help.   I want to present a case that shows how the courts are not holding to the troxel vs grandville case and how parents civil rights are being denied.   Thanks

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I need help
(Saturday, 16 February 2008) Written by Brandie Mallette
My mother had custodial guardianship on my oldest and youngest children. she had such because i was going to the army. behind my back she got courts in tennessee to give her full custody and then adopted my children with out me even being notified on court or any other details where i could fight for my kids. now she is stating she has to cut off my communications with my children because  a " pyschologist " said my son is confused . I AM CONFUSED i know he is . I have told her I want my kids back over and over.  WHAT DO I DO?????

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Need to know about NYS grand parent rights
(Sunday, 10 February 2008) Written by Allie
I am writing this to seek help on the NYS Grandparent Rights. I have two children and I am divorced.  Their father does not have custody or visitation rights and pays NO support.  He hasn't seen the kids since spring 2007.  His biological mother and his stepfather live in Mass.  Since spring 2007 the grandparents have made 2 attempts to call the kids and only since Dec 2007 have they attempted to see the kids.  For various reasons the kids are not eager but I did arrange a meeting.  Needless to say it wasn't good enough for the grandparents.  They want to take the kids out of state to visit with them.  I offered further visits with them to be held at my house or at a local restaurant.  The step grandfather told me they had grandparents rights and his lawyer would be in touch.  He, the step grandfather, has $ to spend--it's always been about $ with them.   Just how many rights would he have anyhow.  He isn't my exhusband's biological father even.  Now, I need to know just what kind of rights they have.  They have several issues around seeing their other grandchildren as well.  I'm afraid that if I let them take them anywhere there will be problems getting them back.  In one phone call the grandmother told my daughter she should be going to see her father and in the next breath she told my daughter she would pick them up on the weekend and take them out. (never called or emailed to ask me, their mother, if it was ok before telling her this)... If anyone has any info on NYS Grandparent Rights, please let me know!

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(Tuesday, 05 February 2008) Written by Stephanie
My name is Stephanie and I lived in Ohio almost all my life. I lived with my soon to be husband when we had a child, my parents moved to florida before my son was born. I soon realised i missed my mom (after my father died) and i wanted to take my son and move there. So when i'm Boyfriend was in jail i started packing and his mother took my son to watch for the weekend which i though nothing about it well when monday can i went to go get him i couldn't my sons grandparents when to court and filled an emergency order to get my son based on lies but the court  let them a couple months later i just wanted my son back so i got back with my sons father soon after that me and him where in a terrible car accident and he was killed the very next day my sons grandparents took complete custody till we had a trial.. I am a recovering drug addict i've been clean for 2 years and i plan on staying that was.. well after 2 years of doing what the courts wanted the grandparents and both attorneys i Finally got my son back BUT they had father right... I mean they walked away with everyother weekend one day during the week 3 days before x-mas and 2 weeks in the summer my attorney at the time said that is what the judge is willing to do NOTHING LESS so i was desperate i wanted my son back so i agreed... soon after that the grandmother started being  controlling  telling me what to do or where to go and finally i have no family in ohio (except my grandparrents) they all live in florida i finally packed up quietly and moved to florida with my son and new daughter (by a different man)...now they are trying to get the courts to make me move back, trying to get the courts to give them half my rights  and trying to get full custody.I am the mother i shouldn't have to worry every time my son goes to school am  i'm gonna see him again.. i dont have a lot of money but i do what i can for my children. My son does live with me now BUT FOR HOW MUCH LONGER!!!!!!!!!! i need some help i know i've made mistakes in my past and i am not proud of somethings ive done but i HAVE changed and i admit to my wrongs my son is mentally behind i take him to speech and ot theropy i work with him at home... It the worst feeling in the world to have a child you know who is alive and you can't see or talk to him... PLEASE HELP ME....  I am desperate is there any one or group to can point me to or please help point me in the right direction.. PLEASE i'm begging my children are my life.. i don't wanna loose my son again... Please..... thank you so much for taking the time to read this.. my e-mail address is gabriele_warren@yahoo.com i hope to hear from you and GOD BLESS                                                                                                     Stephanie

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No Kids - No Stigma?
(Tuesday, 29 January 2008) Written by marney macdonald
WRONG!  Doesn't matter what you say, there is definitely a stigma about not having custody of your children.  Even if the grandparent got custody and you're a fit parent, you cannot walk down the street without feeling eyes on you by people who knew you had kids.  Now that stigma's passed onto our local police who believe same.  Some detectives they will make one day.  God help us all.  Here's my video against the police corruption and just quietly I WON MY FIRST CASE ON FRIDAY - BY CASE DISMISSED!!!  I still have a long way to go but will never give up until my daughters returned, we are given our justice and new legislation is implemented ensuring fit parents' and their kids' lives are not ruined by third party interference.  Enjoy my video.

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Australian Family Court Child Theft
(Tuesday, 29 January 2008) Written by marney macdonald

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Corruption in Family Courts of Australia
(Tuesday, 29 January 2008) Written by marney macdonald

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Aubrey Brown Partners - Wyong Australia
(Tuesday, 29 January 2008) Written by marney macdonald
Aubrey Brown Solicitors Wyong Saturday, January 26, 2008 Hello Mr Pierce Well it was lovely to see you sitting in the courtroom on Friday 25 January 2008 Mr Pierce. I wonder however did you come to show support for the woman and her mother who your Aubrey Brown so disgustingly let down time after time? Or did you come hoping to see me be charged for trying to contact my daughter. Does anybody find it funny that the legislation states it is the right of the child to have contact with both parents - not the right of the parent to decide if they will give it, but judges made orders that state the grandparents have sole discretion to give contact between the mother and the daughter? Isn't this a complete disregard for the child and the legislation? Well Mr Pierce, did you smile like I did when the magistrate dismissed the case? And did you take the time to look at me and study me, and even realise that when i handed you that brochure on parental rights i was secretly asking for your help and showing what other members of your organistion choose to do to me and my daughter. Have you ever discussed my case with the hannigans or do you merely say what a pain in the arse and come to visit me in courts hoping the worst for my daughter whom is represented soley by me. Till next time ... Posted by Marn at 7:47 PM 0 comments Saturday, December 8, 2007 Remember Me - Marney MacDonald? AUBREY BROWN SOLICITORS - CORRUPTING THE LEGAL AID SYSTEM TO RIP OFF THEIR CLIENTS AND MAKE MORE MONEY!!! Get your attention? Good. Because you cannot call this slander or defamation - you did this to me and my daughter. You chose to benefit better financially then to do you job and act as my solicitor and in my best interest. You chose to act in your best interest. This is illegal. This wrecked my life. This wrecked my daughters life. You helped send my beautiful little girl to a paedophile and a psychopath. I told you what they were like when I first met you. I asked you to discuss this with your wife Dennis, as I was aware she was a psychologist. I told you I was not interested in orders and I wanted the matter thrown out of court because my mother was not well. But you CHOSE TO ENFORCE YOUR BELIEFS UPON ME! You chose to discare for the safety of my daughter. You told me children need routines, children should be sent to their grandparents on a weekly basis, you negotiated a deal that would secure you the whole ten thousand dollars off Legal Aid instead of helping me, dealing with the matter immediately, and having it thrown out of court. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MY DAUGHTER BEING SEXUALLY ASSAULTED. You are responsible for every single inch of emotional, mental, psychological damage my little girl has suffered from the moment you negotiated me into unnecessary and dangerous orders which made me unable to protect my daughter. When I asked for your help every other week when she was being abused by her grandparents, you merely told me not to breach orders. Not to deny contact. You didn't care for what was being done to my little girl. You didn't care that she was being taken to the doctors because she was sick and then taken to a swimming centre and put in hot and cold pools. You didn't care when I asked for your help because my daughter was being severly emotionally and psychologically abused by my parents. You didn't care when I rang begging for help. Now the world is going to know exactly what you did. And what the consequences of your unforgiveable actions were. LETS SEE IF YOU CARE NOW. Posted by Marn at 11:47 PM 0 comments  

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To Michaela-Lei MacDonald from Marney MacDonald
(Tuesday, 29 January 2008) Written by marney macdonald
To Michaela-Lei MacDonald from Marney MacDonald Well Miss Ninya, they can stop you from hearing from me, they can tell you i dont love you, they can charge me for ringing you, but they cannot stop me publishing that i do love you and what is happening. The real version that is, not the version that your granny conjures up in her psychopathic unconscionable head. Tuesday, January 22, 2008 DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN CHERRY SAID SHE HOPES TRISH DOES OF COT DEATH??? You were pretty quick to try and have a go at me but have you ever had a go at your sister in law for saying she hoped your daughter died of cot death leslie??????? WHERE ARE YOUR BALLS NOW. Things like that still upset your mother so if you really are concerned about her how about starting from scratch and rectifying issues that have been hurting her for a long time. WHAT ABOUT YOU TRISH??? She said it about you! 0 comments COURT AGAIN IN 2 DAYS SWEETHEART Yep you guess it chicky. I have to go into the courts again on Thursday. This time because i tried to ring to talk to you. And as you probably know you granny told the police that i threatened to kill her - so the police made orders that i am not allowed to contact her. Thing is, who would want to contact anybody that evil anyhow, except for the devil himself. I only wanted to talk to you - which we're only ever been able to do when you answer the phone and not granny. Dont worry sweetheart i have heaps of recorded conversations in which granny deliberately tells me that you are not there and that she doesn't know where you are and that she doesn't know when you'll be home. Maybe that's because she left you locked in the car again - which the toukley police and docs seem to think is okay. How many times have you been in the car when granny has had to blow in the bag and been let off for drinking and driving? Try and remember these things because one day somebody will listen to us. We also have affidavits of other people who have been supposed to get a lift home with granny from clubs but she was way to drunk to drive and they were so scared to get into the car with her. I know that has happened with you because i know she has taken you to peoples places and drank a whole bottle of scotch and then driven you home. What about the day when we seen each other at court and she awas at the bowling club before she picked you up from school and drove you drunk to newcastle. I even told the court supervisor why she was going to be late and that court lady di lockzincheck didn't even care. Di lockingchaezkl the court lady didn't give much of a shit about you at all did she? what about the fact that 8 out of 9 times that i seen you you were sick and had sniffles and looked very unwell and were dressed most inappropriately. Or the day you had bruises all over your little body. That Di lady didn't even make any notes for the court people to look at because she just couldn't be bothered. Don't worry sweetheart, it's not that they don't care about you or me or whats going on, its that they're just not smart enough to be able to decipher the difference between a real problem and a force-faked on - like all the ones your granny comes out with. I know its' been 5 years, and believe me there hasn't been a minute in any day where i don't think about you or try and get this disgusing situation sorted otu. Its jsut so bloody hard. I had drug tests to show i didn't smoke pot. I even offered to have them every single day so long as granny paid for them but nobody would still acknowledge that what granny was saying was nothing but dirty lies. It's been the hardest 5 years of my life, and yoours too, unfortunately the scars for you will last alot longer because you are so you. But never forget how much i love you, and unlike granny with me, I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU MICHAELA. And i will always be there for you michaela, no matter what happens or what you do. Wouldnt matter what you did, you are my beautiful little girl and i love you very much. And I always will. YOUR GRANDMOTHER WILL ROT IN HELL FOR HER ACTIONS. MARK MY WORDS. I BELIEVE IN KARMA, that's how i live. What you send out comes back. I love you Michaela-Lei. Mummy AND PS: FOR YOU LESLIE AND TRISH : "NANNA LOVES YOU TOO. VERY MUCH" GET THEM APPLES UP YA! In fact, I bet nanna would like to post a few blogs also. :[-) 0 comments Labels: michaela-lei macdonald marney ferrets baby stolen family law court   Hello Leslie and Trish - ATTN ALL IDIOTS : COURT IS FRIDAY - ALL THOSE WHO DIDN'T RECEIVE NOTICES IE NANNA WERE NOT SUBPOENED. YOU FELL FOR LIES AGAIN How dare you gutless little pigs ring me up and whinge at me because you dont have the balls to stand up for yourself to cherry macdonald. you let her now use you as a pawn to fire bullets at me. you say you love my daughter michaela. what a bloody joke. do you really think that michaela is going to give two hoots about you when she knows that you never once stood up for her or tried to help her. who gives a crap about christmas and birthday presents. I NEVER MADE YOU HER GOD PARENTS. AND NOR WOULD I EVER. Michaelas god parents are jane and barb. They are the women who have always looked after and cared for michaela and tried to get her away from the evil claws of my sick mother. You were only ever a strategic move - my mother making you two godparents, can't you see that. 20 years of her being a bitch to you leslie and now they ring you up to upset you and make out they're upsetting their mother and its my fault?????? Come on. Why don't you have the balls to turn around and tell them if they ever involve you mother in any kind of stressful stuff you'll tear em apart. Oh, that's right. it's easier to pass the buck and try and blame me for what they're doing rather than making them responsible.. By the way, this is my blog. And so long as what i write is the truth and without malice i am free to write what i want. If you don't like it write your own blog. And don't you forget if your mother isn't allowed to go into the courts and say what she has to say about my mother- then when she passes on her soul will not rest in peace. And that would be your fault. She is not senile and she is not without wit so how dare you try and tell her what she can and cannot do. Why don't you have the balls to tackle your lovely little brother and sister in law about the fact that they have been threatening to put your mother ina nursing home and go for half the inheretence that is to be left for you????? GET SOME BALLS LESLIE. Wake up. and dont you ever dare ring me again. You're not god mother, you're godawful. 0 comments Labels: michaela-lei macdonald marney ferrets baby stolen family law court   Sunday, December 16, 2007 Your Granny SMSing Me Hello Sweetheart, how are you today? Good I hope. I'm okay as well but still miss you very very much. Today I sold one of the baby ferrets to a lovely man who also has another baby ferret. The money will help to pay for the food they eat, and boy, they eat. They love liver and chicken and mince and lamb. I take nanna's dinner down to her nearly every day to help save her cooking for just herself. I love doing this and she loves my cooking. Yesterday there was a spider on her arm so i am going to spray the place today for her. Aunty Michelle tells me you will be seeing her on New Years so maybe I will call over and say hello. ha ha ha ha ha. Granny sent me a text yesterday because she is trying to get me charged again. I guess she was hoping that i would ring her back and then she could call the police and have me locked up again. But i didn't and i will just keep the messages and show them to the judge in january so he can see that she is a big liar and just trying to stop you ever talking to me. I love you with all my heart and will see you soon. XXXXX Marney Mac 0 comments Saturday, December 8, 2007 I'm trying to help baby. I will never stop trying. Hello sweetheart, todays actions are making the public aware of what our first solicitors done to us. How they made me unable to help and protect you and how their greedy monetary minded actions forced our unnecessary separation. I am going to ensure that everybody in the world knows that aubrey brown solicitors at wyong do not work to protect children. They work to make money and help children be taken away from their parents so they can make even more money. I will do this until everybody knows and maybe darling, I will be able to save a few more innocent little beautiful kids like yourself from being taken away from the people who love you most in the world. I love you always, and there's not a moment in the day goes past that i do not think of you. All my love, MUMMY. 0 comments Labels: michaela-lei macdonald marney ferrets baby stolen family law court   Saturday, December 1, 2007 Last Sunday Of Full Moon These are photos taken of my best friend who was violently attacked with a golf club. His head was fractured, he has bleeding on the brain and a blood clot and there are various other bruises and markings from the beating taken with the club. He is extremely luck to be alive and not a vegetable. 0 comments Labels: golf club   Sunday, November 4, 2007 Ferrets For You Hello sweetheart I hope you are doing well. I am so sorry that your nasty evil grandmother forced you to ring your nanna the other day to ask if you could go see her knowing full well that your granny was lying. She did this because she knew i was at our nanna's and she wanted to upset both nanna and me. Only a very nasty person would use you to try and hurt someone else. Do not feel guilty about having to do this because me and nanna know very well that granny made you do this. We would have loved to have seen you as well but when grandad drove past without you we knew this wasn't going to happen. Everybody knows that your granny is very sick in the head, and don't you worry we will never stop trying to get you away from that monster. Nanna and me love you very much and are doing what we can but in the mean time, you do what you have to to survive because no matter what happens or what your grandmother forces you to do we will always love you. Always Michaela. See you soon honey. Love always, Mummy and Nanna. 0 comments Labels: michaela-lei macdonald marney ferrets baby stolen family law court   Sunday, October 28, 2007 Beach Summer and Fun Did You Get to See the Huge Ship at Stockton Beach? How are you today? I thought of you this morning as i headed over the beach to have a look at the water and remember how much we used to head over the surf and take Bullet with us. Remember when we used to go snorkelling all the time out at the Rock Pool and you would just take off way out the back and I would have to come and get you becasue I was too chicken to snorkel out there myself? Tough thing you always were. I miss doing all those things with you and i really dont do them much because it just isn't the same. I do try and go over the beach pretty much every day because as you would know it is straight out the front of our home. It took me a long time to be able to go over the beach as well because when i did all i could do was think about you and then i would cry for how much i was missing you. I still cry. I cry every other day and there's hardly a minute in my days that go by that you are not in my thoughts. I love you so much Michaela, And I always will. Mummy xxxxxxxxxxx   0 comments Rusty's Egg Stash For 2 weeks now I have searched the yard high and low looking for all the eggs that I know Rusty laid. Naughty chook she is - she hides her eggs and she eats all the leaves off our chilli plants. We found 16 eggs today under the rubbish heap. 0 comments Friday, October 26, 2007 Our Chookies Here are our chookies Michaela. You would really love them, they are heaps cool. The white fluffy one is Fluffy and the black fluffy one is Nutter. We have 5 brown girls who are called Tumbi and Umbi (because that's where we got them), Losty because she was lost before she came to us, Rusty and Tonto. We did have the big white boy rooster but had to get him another home because he made to much noise. As you can see by the chickens on the table they come inside anytime they feel like it by jumping in the kitchen window. They annoy the ferrets because they steal their food but they are beautiful and give us lovely tasty eggs to eat. 0 comments Christian says Hello I see Christian and Lisa still a fair bit and he is always asking about you. He misses you very much and cannot wait till you get home. Christian is doing karate like you two were always going to do and he is nearly a black belt. He says that he is going to kick butt of anyone who has hurt you while you have been gone. He is getting very tall and now he also has a little brother who's name is Blake. Blake is nearly two and he loves playing with his pet chook. You would love our chookies to Michaela. They chase us around the yard, they jump around with the ferrets and they come inside all the time when the window is open because there are now screens on the window. They're naughty chookies but they give us beautiful eggs and we love them very much. I am sure you would love them too.   0 comments Labels: michaela-lei macdonald marney ferrets baby stolen family law court   Hello Miss Ninya Remember when you were at Budgewoi School before your granny sent you to St Marys? Well do you remember when you used to talk to Sky and April and you would tell them that you did not know who took you away from your mummy but you wish they would send you home? YOUR GRANNY DID THAT. She has lied to you and I'm sure you may know this by now. You granny is the one who told all the lies to the police and court people so they would take you away from me. Nobody did this except for your granny. If she didnt write and say all the lies she did the court and the police would have never sent you there. 0 comments Labels: michaela-lei macdonald marney ferrets baby stolen family law court   Baby Ferrets Have Arrived To My Beautiful Michaela, This site is pretty much for your reading, so you know I am always thinking of you while your spiteful sick twisted grandmother keeps us apart. I know you are getting older and soon you will be able to tell her to drop dead and you and I will be able to get away from her control forever. In the meantime I will keep in contact with you this way and i will post as many photos for you of our life and the life you are being denied. Remember that I will always love you and not to ever feel guilty for what awful things she has made you say and do. Here are our new ferret babies which have been born just after your birthday three weeks ago. They are all so beautiful and now they are starting to eat food not just their mummies milk. The little ones bit my finger this morning when they smelt the chicken meat I had for them. They loved it. I love you very much sweetheart, and I know that today you do not know this blog exists but soon you will. Love forever, Mum.   0 comments Labels: michaela-lei macdonald marney ferrets baby stolen family law court   To My Beautiful Little Girl Michaela-Lei MacDonald To my dearest darling Michaela. Words cannot express how much i miss you and how much i will never forgive the people that helped take you away from me with their lies and deceipt, and along with the stupidity of the family law court. I would like to let you know that my life has never been the same without you gone, and no matter what i do there is still an emptiness inside me that will never leave until you return. And believe me i will never stop fighting for you until you are returned. What i thought i would do for you is write you this blog for you to see, and anyone else, so you can see what im doing daily and so you can feel that i am still within reach, if you are able to find me on the internet. I know that your computer skills would be getting quite good now and as time goes by you will find your way around the net easier and maybe come across this site. Otherwise maybe somebody that knows and cares about you may come across this and tell you about it. OBviously this will be none of your family becauase they are nothing but arseholes and for what it's worth I will start putting some of the affidavits of that are full of their lies about you and me to show you and the world what we have been through the last three years. Apparently its agains the law for me to publish these affidavits, but as i understand they are written about me and you and therefore it is my decision. Besides that what are they going to do? Take you away from me? Oh shit they already done that. I guess this means i have nothing left to lose anyhow. So why not get this stuff out into the open because believe me I have searched every avenue to try and get you home and to no avail. I want you to know now that I love you, I have always love you, and I will love you forever. You are never out of my heart of my mind and not a day goes by where i do not have constant thoughts of you and an aching sadness in my heart. I love you forever and I know that I have said this before sweetheart, BUT IT WILL ALL BE OKAY. Love always, Mummy XXXXX Posted by Marn at 8:52 PM 0 comments The Beginning of my Big BLog Okay. Well some people might think that my blog is kind of lame but i don't care. Im of the understanding that your blog is to express what you think about things, life, etc so this is mine. Maybe you will just think im a retard, or maybe you will know of other people in the same situation whom are going through the same shit as me. Posted by Marn at 8:16 PM 0 comments 0 comments

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We Love the Australian Family Law Court
(Tuesday, 29 January 2008) Written by marney macdonald
We Love the Australian Family Law Court Tuesday, January 29, 2008 You Have To Laugh You have to laugh at the audacity of the coppers at Toukley Police Station referring to me as a rambling jobless drug addict incapable of looking after my own daughter. I can - because they take the word of a psychopath just because she has custody of my daughter. So mother showed her what was in Reasons for Judgement?  Well firstly this is a breach of the family law legislation - which i am following up with the Federal Police.  Particularly as the police prosecutor on friday 25 january 2008 tried ever so hard to not only have me done for breach avo but tried to get me done for breach of family law orders as well. Fair enough it was a far reach, but wouldn't you think that if they were going to try that hard to nail my ass to the wall, that they would at least know all the law involved? Secondly, why is the blue wall so thick when even a lay person can see that what sharon mccarthy not only did was wrong, it was illegaly, immoral, unethical and down right nasty. So what if she deals with drug addicts and criminals every day.  Has her life been that hard that all she sees these days is black and white?  What about the detective skills one is supposed to have acquired after so many years on the force? What about all those recommendations?  When somebody stands up to you and says you have it all wrong, and shows you enough evidence for you to question your wrong actions, why then do you try even harder to prove your convictions? Why not admit you have made a mistake?  After all you are only human.  Now common sense would tell me that maybe i should investigate what the so called jobless drug addict has to say, especially if you are so adminant that you are helping a child stay away from violence and the kind of atmosphere one doesn't wish on their worst enemy? How hard would it have been to question the amount of time the child has off school.  How hard would it have been to visit the other people that can show you are wrong and point you in the right direction to help the victims and not the criminals? WHERE ARE YOUR DETECTIVE SKILLS DETECTIVE? I even asked you and your colleagues around for coffee.  Obviuosly I have nothing to hide and am quite open in defending myself and putting my case to you. Maybe you have never dealt with a psychopath and think that they only exist in movies and hold swords and chop peoples heads off. Have you not heard of emotional and psychological violence?  Do you not know that the woulds take years longer to heal than the physical ones? Or is it just too bloody hard.  Would you have to do more than process and make sound good your paperwork for the system?  STOP BEING PART OF THE SYSTEM AND START BEING THE SQUEAKY WHEEL THAT GETS THINGS DONE. Technorati Tags: sharon , mccarthy , marney macdonald , alecomm , toukley police , corrupt , tuggerah lakes , legislation , law , criminal , drug addict 0 comments     COPS PISSED AT YOUTUBE VIDEO Today I received an email from youtube support stating that somebody had put in complaints about defamation on all the videos i have put onto youtube. You might notice that the youtube video on sharon mccarthy was nothing more than a retort to an officer deliberately discreting a good member of the community in an effort to make her piddly arrest, of which she had the option not to do, seem more founded. How cruel could officers be to want to harass and arrest a woman who merely asked to speak to her daughter of which is only living with the evil grandmother because of the lack of good solicitors she had available. Now is a different story, Marney MacDonald has been advised by Legal aid that she can have a legal aid solicitor in these criminal matters, such as ringing to talk to daughter. However previously, Marney was unable to obtain the services of legal aid because her mother went there first.  Even though Mrs MacDonald knew full well she was never entitled to legal aid because of the amount of assets she and her husband have, they went there because they knew if they did that would create a conflict of interest and marney would never be able to have a legal aid solicitor for the family law matters. How clever for Mrs MacDonald.  How criminal.  Why is there no punishment for mrs macdonald deliberately defrauding the government and using its resources to prevent somebody else that is full and well entitled using them? Why is this able to happen? Look at the awful consequences that have arisen from Marney MacDonald and Michaela MacDonald being unable to have Legal Aid when the grandparents first to the family law courts in an effort to get control of marney and her daughter.   0 comments     Sunday, January 27, 2008 CASE DISMISSED! Yesterday i had to attend court for ringing my daughter. Prior to this i was referred to by Sharon Mccarthy - a senior constable at toukley police station as a rambling jobless drug addict incapable of looking after my daughter. After defending myself and the constables actions in a youtube video posted for the world to see the officers then committed what i would refer to as majorly stupid purgery on their court affidavits. You see, I guess they got their nose out of joint at a good person of the community standing up against their fraudulent statements and deliberate slander. So what did the dickheads do you ask? Well they went from stating that i said what do you want ont heir first statements to saying straight up that i told them to fuck off. The statements off the officers just got better and better, and im sure that anybody with half a brain could see they trumped up their statements in more of an effort to destroy the credability of a person who dared stand up to their corruption. In court however was a different story. And to all of those there, including the officers who had committed purgery and those who dared to harass me on my own property whilst they were still in uniform - that being one fat bitch officer called carissa hinds, well she didn't look so happy when the magistrate dismissed the case. Not to mention the police prosecutor who was definitely trying to make up some false breach of the family law court orders to drop me in even bigger shit. SHAME ON YOU DIRTY OFFICERS. I walked out of the court room and threw my hands in relief into the air after the magistrate dismissed the case, to the disbelief of both the officers and cheryle macdonald who cannot come to terms with the fact that it is her who is the psychopath and not her daughter. Thank you to those involved for helping restore a little of my faith in the justice system. 0 comments     Sunday, December 09, 2007 A FEW DOLLARS MORE... Todays work for helping the community is to publicise what solicitors like AUBREY BROWN do for a living. How they wreck lives and help children be taken away from their mummys and daddys just to make a few dollars more. We have just set up a new blog in blogger entitled aubreybrown. You can visit this site to see exactly what aubrey brown solicitors (dennis and terry hannigan) are guilty of. Happy Reading. Marney 0 comments     Monday, November 05, 2007 The Blue Collar You Tube Idiot Yesterday some Blue Collar Idiot wrote smartarse comments about my first video. I would like to say to all that reads this blog that I sincerely wish that person every fine action perpetrated by the courts that my beautiful little girl and I have suffered in the last 5 years. 0 comments     Monday, October 29, 2007 Thank You To Senior Constable Sharon McCarthy My name is Marney MacDonald, and I am dedicating this Journal to my beautiful daughter Michaela-Lei Hinspeter MacDonald who was taken from me by the Family Court of Australia 4 1/2 years ago with nothing more than the evil affidavits off a control-freak psychopathic sociopathic narcisstic grandmother - Cheryle Anne MacDonald.I should have started this four years ago, but better late than never. It's about time the whole world knows what is going on and how the courts and its officers are ill-equipped to deal with anything more than a normal human being. This includes the NSW Police, the Federal Police, DOCS and all other persons whom have treated me like a common criminal who beat and neglected her daughter.And a special thank you to Senior Constable Sharon McCarthy from the Toukley Police Station, ex-fed I believe, and nothing like to wonderful men I met in Airlie Beach, for she makes up for her complete lack of detective skills with her disgusting biased Full Fact reports she writes about people that she does not know from a bar of soap.I thank you SenCon McCarthy for you were the last straw that has pushed me into seeking justice and not standing up and taking anymore shit from people like you. 0 comments     Saturday, October 27, 2007 STAND PROUD AND BE HEARD Another way of showing the world about the corruption in the Australian Family Law Courts is to wear it. You have to wear what you are going through so you might as well wear it well! We have recently placed orders for some shirts in our cause. For those of you who would like to be blunt and straight to the point like myself, try this one on for size. Shirts $20 Size S-XL.

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(Friday, 04 January 2008) Written by Maghann
i married a soldier, who is not the biological father of my children. their "father" however, is incarcerated, and we were never married. his parents are suing me for grandparents rights, claiming that now that hes in jail they have rights.  so how does that work in court? if we were never married, do they even have rights at all?

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Restoring Parental Right in Texas
(Thursday, 27 December 2007) Written by kathy
My son was a drug user. My husband and I have raised his son since birth. We asked him to terminate his parental rights to protect our grandson when his father was in a hospital due to drug use and CPS phoned wanting to investigate his son for placement into CPS. Our son has since built a relationship with his son. He has recently died, and his son considers him his father. Does this affect his son's right to benefits from his deceased father. We have not adopted his son.

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Deceased Father
(Tuesday, 25 December 2007) Written by Tina Melton
Actually I am writeing this Blog today to to try to find out some answers. I got on this website and did find out that Oklahomas Grandparents rights have changed, and was really glad to hear that.  However the new law does not answer my question as to the kind of rights if any that I might have.  So I'm hopeing I can get some answers here.  My son was killed last month, and was killed before his daughter was born.  I'm wanting to know what kind of rights I might have as far as a grandparent, to be able to see my grand-daughter.  My son and the mother was not married..

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Think that it couldn't happen to you......please think again
(Thursday, 20 December 2007) Written by Scott McMillan
I admit that I do not even know exactly where to begin.  I feel as though I have been thrust into a sick and twisted episode of the twilight zone and I cannot change the channel. My rights, the rights of my family (most importantly my 8 year old son)  have all been stripped away.   Please, take the time to read my story........I am open to advice, any suggestions on how to regain my rights. If you think for a moment that any portion of this story is by any means fabricated, I assure you it is not. I will provide you with the condensed version, as I believe I the story in its entirety would comprise a rather large volume of books. To start, I am a fit father. Unfortunately the woman I initially had married was a promiscuous drug addict. To make a very long story short, she committed suicide when my son was barely five.  Her mother  ("the grandmother" ) saw my son periodically, but never what you would call a routine basis. we had lived in another state (Texas) and occasionally made trips to Tennessee. Ultimately we had moved to TN and she did see him more frequently, at one point in time, her daughter was becoming increasingly addicted and she and my son lived with the " grandmother" for a period of about 7 months while I was working 2 jobs to resolve the debt she had placed on us after multiple motor vehicle collisions and incarcerations. Almost a year after her death, I met my new wife. She is a wonderful woman who raised 4 great (well adjusted) children as a single parent. We married after a year of dating and she has since adopted my son and she is the only true mother he has ever known.  Unfortunately, this so-called "grandmother" became furious and sued me for " grandparent rights". Initially I did not think this could be possible, as I am the biological father and my wife is the adoptibve mother. This " grandmother" has a documented psychiatric history of being abusive and obviously had issues raising her own daughter who had no boundaries or limits (evidenced by her promiscuous and blantantly addictive behavior). Prior to the trial, tentative visitation was awarded to the grandmother. One weekend I kept my son home from the visitation. He had a fever > 102 which necessitated a trip to the ER. The physician placed him on an antibiotic and ordered bedrest.  Moreover, my son "begged" not to go to the grandmother's home and is fearful of her. Nevertheless, she filed comtempt charges on me and I am currently facing jail time. I feel I must mention that I have never had so much as one or two minor traffic tickets in my life and consider myself a hard worker as well as a good citizen. The contempt charges have been dangling over my head since last year and I have had to alter my college course schedule twice due to changing Show Cause dates that were again put off.  The trial was held and I still cannot believe the outcome. I was later told the judge has psych issues as well and is bipolar.  I believe this must be true as there is no other way to explain what occurred at that trial.  The judge literally "SCREAMED" at myself and my wife. She banged her fist on the bench, slammed down her lap top computer and spent the better part of the trial playing with her hair and rubbing lotion on her hands. She refused to allow us due process and our testimony was grossly disregarded. I must also add, that we were hindered, oppressed and never allowed to submit into evidence all of the materials and testimony to support our claims that this "grandmother" is unfit and a seriously unhealthy influence on our son.  Despite the fact that both myself and my wife are exemplary parents the result of the suit was as follows:   The grandmother was awarded: 1).  EVERY HOLIDAY, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, entire spring break, 9 day stretches EVERY summer month, MOTHER'S DAY, FATHER'S DAY, she was not only awarded the holidays.....but the ENTIRE  school break of the holidays.  One 3 day weekend EVERY month (4 day weekends when child has off for school conference days etc.)  During the summer there is one month where she will have him for more than 3 weeks. He will only be home for 5 days in that month with us his family.   2) The "grandmother's" present husband and ex-husband (although not part of the suit) were also awarded visitation. Keep in mind this "grandmother" is 64, her husband 59.  My mother (age 82) was cut out of any visitation and will likely NEVER see another holiday with my son (her grandson). Both my wife and myself will have no holidays with our son either.   Ths grandmother is CONTROLLING our lives, the financial and emotional burden is overwhelming. She has authority and NO responsibility.  There are hard working divorced fathers who pay child support and have less time with their children than she was afforded..............She has no financial responsibility. Neither my wife nor I have family here, yet we are told we cannot move. We do not plan on staying in Tennessee. This judge has destroyed us and to top it all off..... the "grandmother " asked that we pay all of her attorney fees and court costs ...........we are currently on appeal. Despite the fact the relationship is adversarial and contentious, the judge ordered that the plaintiff be allowed to come to our home. We had previously had a drop off site that was neutral and would not promote conflict.  Keep in mind, we live 45 minutes drive from this "grandmother."  NOTE:  My son generally comes home from the visits and is out of sorts for days. He will vomit and cry. After one visit he came home covered with bruises on his lower abdominal, bilateral flank areas, chest wall, and forearms. His buttocks were riddled with bruises. We reported as was appropriate to DCS.   The "grandmother" states that is occurred on a slide although the attending ER physician at Children's hosp states this is highly unlikely.  DCS dismissed the complaint and believed the " grandmother". They did not seem to care that my son has stated over and over she has abused him and has begged to not have to go over to her house. The 'grandmother" disregards our requests on how we choose to raise our son. She has hindered his ability to pray and also is upset that we said we do not want him on the computer. We feel helpless. We have spent thousands of dollars because of one individuals whims and it is turning our household upside down.......,,,,,,,,,,,                                                                                                                                       Scott **We have since turned the Judge into the Board of Judicial Review for inappropriate conduct. We have been through approximately 3 rebuttals and the judge has hired an attorney to attempt to defend her actions. A web site had been created by outraged citizens some years ago to have this judge removed.The site was originally created by attorney's and lay persons. After rebuttal #3 was submitted to the Board of Judicial Review, the web site mysteriously vanished. It was www.removesoloman.com   As far as our case is concerned, it is currently on appeal. Our appellate brief was due in Sept. 07....the grandmother was given an additional 2 months in which to submit her brief and was given opportunity to check ours out (like a library book) prior to submitting her brief. As this has gone to appeal, the Attorney General will be involved .  

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How to blog
(Sunday, 16 December 2007) Written by Administrator
  If you want to blog, you must register using a valid email address. Once you have registered, you will be sent an email with login instructions. After you have logged in, you will see a user menu under the Main Menu. An example is too the left. In the User Menu, you will see an entry called, Write a blog entry, click this and you can begin blogging.     

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A word on blogging.
(Sunday, 16 December 2007) Written by Administrator
Once you are in this kind of battle, it is almost like being arrested in the sense anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You should be very careful about what you say, you will no doubt see it again later. That does not mean you should keep silent about what you are going through. I liken keeping silent about your legal agressors to a scene in Saving Private Ryan . A Ranger got in a fight with a Nazi. He was losing. The Nazi slowly put a dagger into the heart of the Ranger. The whole time, the Nazi putting a finger over his mouth indicating to be quiet and just die like a man. That type of mentality is crazy. SCREAM FOR HELP. Had the Ranger just screamed for help, the Nazi would have been the dead one. Your agressors count on your silence to not expose them for the jerks that they are. Your silence empowers them to do you and your family further harm. Once I started screaming at the top of my lungs to anyone who would listen, things started changing. Things did not change over night, but slowly over time, things started going our way. We got our attackers on the front page of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, twice. That had a huge impact on returning our lives to normal. Keep in mind anything you put on the web is open to anyone and everyone including your attackers. I would not put your whole life out there. The world has changed, if someone does not like something you have done, they will find a judge that agrees with them and sue you for everything you’ve got. No one person can tell you how to fight back against your oppressors. That is something only you can determine based on your circumstances. But you suffering in silence empowers them and gives them a sense of accomplishment and superiority. You can blog here. You are responsible for your own content. If you blog here, we take no responsibility for your content. We reserve the right to remove content, but probably will not use it.

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